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Administrative Area Level 2

Cienaga de Zapata

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May 11, 2018
Croco protected zone: Welcome to the Caribbean !
Maria De Los Angeles
Maria De Los Angeles
May 24, 2017
Ciénaga de Zapata National Park is the main core area of the Biosphere Reserve and the Ramsar (The Ramsar Convention is an international treaty for the conservation and sustainable use of wetlands). You can observe crocodiles, manjuari (it is a living fossil), flamingos and many other birds, this is…
June 06, 2015
Very beautiful nature park close to Playa Larga, with 150 different types of birds and 43 different types of fish, amphibians and reptiles. Also great for diving as it has a beautiful coral reef.
December 02, 2019
un mundo distinto dónde estarás en contacto directo con la naturaleza
November 14, 2019
El mayor parque de Cuba para el avistamiento de todo tipo de aves

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“Es conocida como Escuela de Tres mundos, fundada por Fernando Birri y Fidel Castro, para los cineastas de los países del Sur. Ha recibido el Premio Rosellini como la mejor escuela de cine del mundo. ”
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Point of Interest
“It lies 5km southeast of Matanzas and is 300,000 years old. Probably, it is the oldest tourist attraction. It is also one of the longest and deepest natural caves of the country. The entrance is through a small museum, and the visit can take around 45 minutes. Outside the Cuevas de Bellamar are two restaurants and a playground.”
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History Museum
“ Ernesto Guevara Sculptural Complex is located only 15 minutes walking straight forward from home. It is a memorial in Santa Clara, Cuba, located in "Plaza Che Guevara" It houses the remains of the revolutionary Ernesto "Che" Guevara and twenty-nine of his fellow combatants killed in 1967 during Guevara's attempt to spur an armed uprising in Bolivia. The full area, which contains a bronze 22-foot statue of Guevara, is referred to as the Ernesto Guevara Sculptural Complex. Guevara was buried with full military honors on 17 October 1997 after his remains were discovered in Bolivia, exhumed and returned to Cuba. At the site, there is a museum dedicated to Guevara's life and an eternal flame lit by Fidel Castro in his memory.”
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Amusement Park
“One kilometer south of the Vía Blanca by the side of the road to Varadero's International airport, is the freshwater Cueva de Saturno, a highly popular subterranean cave with a pool billed as a snorkeling and/or swimming spot. The water's about 18-20°C and the maximum depth is 22m, though there are shallower parts. There's a snack bar and equipment rental post on-site. ”
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