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Comida y restaurantes en Viena

Los mejores restaurantes

“On Naschmarkt you find all kinds of fresh produce - it is where Viennese people go to shop for food if they do some special cooking. There are also several restaurants and bars for brunch etc. Close to Kettenbrückengasse there is a flea market on Saturday mornings form 7:00 - 2:00. ”
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“Enjoy your breakfast, lunch or dinner on a boat! They serve great food. It's advised to reserve a table before you visit.”
  • Recomendado por 146 habitantes del lugar
Restaurante austríaco
“Order the special Tafelspitz is a typical food. I like it more than the world famous Schnitzel, is a must do in Vienna if you like meat. ”
  • Recomendado por 99 habitantes del lugar
Restaurante japonés
“Mochi is a one of a kind Asian fusion restaurant with high-quality ingredients, creative cooking and a wonderful selection of Austria n wines and Japanese sake ”
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Patio cervecero
“If you visit Vienna you have to go there. Best beer in town and great food. It's touristy but still worth a visit. Beautiful garden, just a little walk in the Prater and you are there!”
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“Delicious ‚pizza Napoletana‘ and Italian wine. The crowd changes a lot depending on the hour, (families for lunch, groups and couple in the evening) the place always feels cozy and welcoming nonetheless. Reservation recommended when in a big group!”
  • Recomendado por 90 habitantes del lugar
Restaurante austríaco
“One of the most famous Wiener Schnitzel restaurants. It is always crowded. but normally it is possible to get a table in 15-20. Distance: 24 minutes with U3”
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Restaurante asiático
“breathe the air of alma mater rudolphina vindobonensis. Founded in 1365 it is one of the oldest universities and while walking through the building you can discover quite a lot. absolutely worth a visit!”
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Clases de cocina


“Enjoy your breakfast, lunch or dinner on a boat! They serve great food. It's advised to reserve a table before you visit.”
  • Recomendado por 146 habitantes del lugar
“The grandest of Vienna’s grand cafés, this storied spot was frequented by everyone from Trotsky to Freud in its heyday. Today it’s definitely a tourist attraction (you won’t find many locals braving the line outside), but it’s worth battling the crowds for its outstanding pastry section alone.”
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“This is a really authentic cafe where locals like to have their morning coffe and newspaper. They have very good breakfast, typical Viennese style. Although very famous, it is still quiet and calm (compared to eg. Cafe Mozart or Sacher.). Don't forget to try their cakes! Distance: 1500 m”
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Bar de playa
“Its a bar, not far from Juchgasse (Schwedenplatz) and you can walk at the Donau home. Its nicer in warm season, outside. Live football matches..beach feeling”
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“if you want to take a break, eat a snack or home made cakes.. get yourself a new book.. while enjoying some nice music in the background.. this is the place to be :-) ”
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Lugar para desayunar
“Great food all day round. Very friendly and helpful staff- one of my faves in town. Make sure to reserve if you’re a big group, though.”
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“One of the traditional Kaffehaus in vienna. Great coffees, cakes and excellent viennese breakfast and lunch. The same way a fair price lunch menu and some traditional warm dishes at evening. Live piano. Chilled atmosphere perfect for a date or reading a book. 60s style.”
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“Innovative Viennese and Mediterranean cuisine wide range of fresh fish according to current market offer The Menu alternates almost weekly; different Lunch- & Dinner Menus daily.”
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Degustaciones y recorridos gastronómicos


“A classic ‚hipster-bakery‘: a great one nonetheless. Great quality food and coffee every time- my personal favourite is the eggs benedict :-)”
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“Its one of the only places in Vienna open 24 / 7 with all the little things you need when the supermarkets are closed.”
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“Best brunch in 3rd district - also for VEGANS 🌱 - 5min with taxi. Try the vegan breakfast if available, you will be surprised how tasty it it is!”
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“Very delicious Viennese cakes, not that touristic Good breakfast Nice garden ”
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Restaurante vietnamita
“The Asian cuisine Restaurant has a place next door which sells amazing french patisserie.”
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“My personal favourite when it comes to the traditional Viennese cafes. As it’s not the most well-known out of the batch, you’ll still get to encounter the unfriendly waiters, but they’re less intense than most others working at the busy, packed famous cafes. They have nice coffee and you really feel like you’re in Vienna, especially sitting outside in the summer people-watching and reading, sipping on some ‘weißer Spritzer’ (white wine with sparkling water)...”
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“Take away bakery open 7 days a week (sunday just until 12 noon) with BEST bread ever! And try the cute little tartles. ”
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“I love hanging out at this place. They have all kinds of news papers, great coffee and bagels :) ”
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